5 Tips to Medicare

I honestly know close to nothing on medicare, but Sienna fill this in please 

5 Tips to Medicare

Sienna pls help.

What is Medicare?

Medicare at first can be daunting and confusing, but local Medicare Broker Rachel Brown breaks down the ins and outs of what you need to know about Medicare.

Tip #1

Who is medicare for and what does it do?

  • Medicare is national federal health insurance. It is predominantly for those who are 65+, however, there are other factors that can allow you to qualify for Medicare.
  • Medicare typically covers 80% of your medical needs, and the 20% is paid by you or by the health plan you choose to enroll in.
  • Rancho Family Medical Group works closely with a variety of Medicare professionals who review your health plan every year to ensure you are on the best and cheapest plan for your individual health needs

Tip #2

Medicare part A & B Explained

  • When you turn 65, you will automatically get a Medicare card in the mail with your part A and B benefits.
  • Medicare part A refers to Hospital Insurance. Hospital insurance refers to any type of ‘in patient’ care, like the hospital or skilled nursing facility.
  • Medicare part B refers to Medical benefits. Medical benefits refer to any outpatient medical services, like primary care visits, labs, and the like.

Tip #3

Medicare Part C, Advantage Plans

  • Medicare part C is the umbrella term for Advantage plans. Advantage plans can be either HMO or PPO, however, Riverside county no longer has PPO Advantage plans.
  • The Advantage Plan coordinates your part A & B benefits for you by the health plan of your choice. Each health plan’s benefits are different, and the benefits tend to change ever year. We recommend reviewing your health plan each year to make sure you are getting the best benefits.
  • The advantage to a Medicare Advantage plan is the coordinated care. There are also extras that often come with advantage plans, like vision, dental and the like.
  • Medicare advantage plans typically also include part D, the drug plan.

Tip #4

Medicare Part d: the drug plan

  • Created in 2006, the Part D drug plan was intended to make medicine affordable.
  • This part of Medicare is the most extensive and complicated portion. We highly recommend doing more research on this portion or consulting your trusted Medicare broker.

Tip #5

Medicare supplement plans

  • A Medicare supplement plan is a private insurer who covers that 20% that Medicare does not pay.
  • There is a premium you pay each month for it, and it does NOT include prescription drug coverage.

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