COVID-19 & Rancho Care

During these unprecedented times, it is important to know your doctors are here to treat your needs and keep you safe.  Our offices are taking every precaution to ensure patients are safe during their in-person visit appointments.

Currently the vaccine is being distributed to front-line workers only. We hope access will be available to general public soon, however no date has been provided to us yet. Rancho has been selected to be a distributor when the vaccine is released for general use. Please continue to check here for updates.

Yes, we have testing available Monday- Friday first thing in the morning. Call Today for an appointment. (951) 676-4193

Yes, however you must first have a phone consultation with one of our providers ensuring you meet specific criteria for testing. Once your need of being tested is confirmed, you can schedule a time to come through our drive through testing site. Call Today for an appointment. (951) 676-4193

Typically, results are in your chart within 24-48 hours. If your test results are positive, our staff will reach out upon receiving your results.

We use the nasal swab that is less invasive than the typical test.  Call Today for an appointment. (951) 676-4193

Our drive through testing site is at our Single Oak location in Temecula. Call Today for an appointment. (951) 676-4193

Yes, however you must first confirm you are COVID symptom-free when you speak to our appointment staff. We are not allowing COVID appointments in-person out of an abundance of safety for our staff as well as other patients. 

Yes, absolutely. If you still prefer to avoid coming into the clinic, many appointment types can be done over video or phone. When you call for an appointment, let the staff know you prefer one of these options.