Dr. Denise Dvorquez

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Here at Rancho Family Medical Group, we see the value in finding a doctor with the “best fit” for your individual medical needs. We want our patients to connect with our doctors and get a feel of their approach to medicine before ultimately making the choice to entrust them with their medical care. Click the button to RSVP a spot to meet Dr. Dvorquez today!

Get to know Dr. Dvorquez

Hi, my name is Dr. Denise Dvorques. I’m the newest internist at the Hemet location for Rancho family medical group. My approach to health is very holistic. I work with patients on their diet and exercise goals to help reduce medications when possible and improve their quality of life. 

Some things that I enjoy doing that help keep me active are riding bikes with my son, going to the park, and anything to do with the great outdoors. I try to incorporate as many physical activities as I can in our day to day lives. I’m very excited to be a part of Rancho family medical group to help serve the hemet community. I look forward to seeing you in clinic soon.

Internal Medicine

An internist is a medical doctor who specializes in internal medicine. This branch of medicine covers a wide range of conditions that affect the organs inside the body. Internists only work with adults and not with children or adolescents.

Medical Home Pairing

To give our patients the most cohesive medical care, our Physicians and APP’s are paired together in our medical homes. This means that our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are working alongside our physicians to ensure your care plan is being closely monitored at all times.

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