Dr. Paul Algra

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Get to Know
Dr. Paul Algra

Get to Know Dr. Paul Algra

Dr. Paul Algra was born and raised in Michigan. He loved his home state so much that he chose to receive his medical degree from Michigan State University. He completed his internship in Family Medicine at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, then proceeded to the Naval Experimental Dive Unit in Panama City, Florida, where he served as an Undersea Medical Officer specializing in hyperbaric and saturation diving medicine for the US Navy. While in Florida, Dr. Algra had an opportunity to live in Key Largo and perform research in an underwater habitat known as Aquarius Reef Base.

Dr. Algra returned to Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton to complete his residency in Family Medicine. He was then relocated to Naval Branch Health Clinic Port Hueneme as Senior Medical Officer. After honorable discharge from the Navy, Dr. Algra joined Primary Medical Group and we are thrilled to have him as one of our most beloved doctors.

Dr. Algra is board certified in Family Medicine. He enjoys getting to know patients and partnering with them in preventive medicine to achieve overall health.

Something that sets Dr. Algra apart as a family physician is the care of his daughter, who has a rare genetic disorder known as Cri du Chat (or 5P-). Due to his daughter’s special needs, Dr. Algra is especially sensitive towards patients with developmental delays, shunt placement, feeding tubes, dysphagia, failure to thrive, severe constipation, and sensory issues since his family confronts these challenges on a daily basis. Dr. Algra is happy to be the primary care physician for any individual with special needs.

Dr. Algra resides in Newbury Park, California, with his wife and four children. He participates in Kindermusik and swim lessons with his children. He also enjoys exploring new places and hiking with his family.

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