Now Hiring Medical Assistants!

Rancho Family Medical Group is seeking compassionate, motivated, hardworking medical assistants who have a passion for providing unmatched patiet care through respectful teamwork with the goal of improving every patient’s health.

Saturday, April 24th from 8am-10am
28780 Single Oak Drive, Suite 260, Temecula CA

Job Description for Medical Assistants:

Job Summary:

Medical Assistants are to support the care of the patients, which is led by the healthcare provider. Support includes performing clinical tasks, completing paperwork, communicating with the patient, and all other tasks which leads to the improvement of the patients’ health. This job description does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed.  He or she may be required to follow any other instructions and to perform other duties requested by his or her supervisor based on the needs of the organization.


Required Knowledge & Skills/Abilities:

    • Knowledge of and the ability to perform medical assistant duties for which the medical assistants course has provided the necessary degree of skill and judgment; performance shall be limited to those acts for which he or she has been prepared.
    • Knowledge of accepted procedures for disposing of used supplies.
    • Ability to communicate effectively and congenially with patients and staff members in person and over the phone
    • Ability to exercise tact, initiative, and good judgement when interacting with patients and staff members
    • Ability to observe the general physical condition of patients to detect signs of abnormalities
    • Ability to record observations and notes completely, accurately, literately and concisely
    • Computer skills necessary to navigate the company’s EMR system
    • Ability to accept supervision and feedback


Education and Experience

    • Graduate of an accredited Medical Assistant certificate program or meets State training criteria by way of physician training.
    • Basic medical terminology knowledge


Duties and Essential Job Functions:

    • Takes vital signs and measurements (i.e., height/length and weight, blood pressure, etc.).
    • Interviews and records patients or relatives to obtain appropriate health history and/or immunization status.
    • Assembles materials and equipment in preparation for clinic sessions and maintains adequate supplies.
    • Assists with and provides support during procedures.
    • Cleans and maintains clinic equipment and disposes of used supplies correctly.
    • Performs screening tests (i.e., eye exams, electrocardiograms, O2, etc). for which he or she has been prepared by education and experience.
    • Prepares, administers, and records immunizations and drugs as agency policies permit.
    • Administers injections according to agency policy.
    • Assist with prescribed administration of medication.
    • Maintains records and assists with clinical paperwork (i.e. refills, orders, forms, referrals, etc).
    • Assists patients with problems or requests either by telephone or electronically.
    • Cleans and maintains work station and exam rooms.
    • Work cooperatively with others, including appropriate communication with patients, providers, support staff, and administration.
    • Comply with all company policies and procedures found in the employee handbook.
    • Regular attendance and compliance to company schedule.


Physical Requirements

    • Must have the physical ability execute the full performance of the duties of the position.
    • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
    • Prolonged periods of standing and moving may be required.
    • Prolonged period on the phone may be required.
    • Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds at times.


Desired Traits

    • Possess a selfless, team-player mentality
    • Known for their dependability and reliability
    • Strives for excellence
    • Capacity to prioritize tasks


Download the flyer below, please keep it for your record.