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Welcome to Annual Enrollment Period!

Open enrollment for Medicare is here and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get all the information you need! Scroll below to learn about what resources we have to make AEP easy!

Annual Enrollment is the period of time you’re able to change your Medicare benefits from October 15th – December 7th! While it can feel a little overwhelming, we’re here to help!

Access to Better Coverage. Healthcare needs can change from year to year, and your current plan may no longer be the best fit for your situation. During AEP, you have the opportunity to explore new plans that might offer better coverage, lower costs, or additional benefits that align with your current needs.

Cost Savings. Health insurance plans can vary significantly in terms of their costs, including monthly premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. AEP gives you the chance to assess your anticipated healthcare needs for the coming year and select a plan that suits your budget. 

Changing Life Circumstances. Life circumstances change over time, and these changes can impact your healthcare needs. AEP is the designated time to adjust your coverage to reflect these changes and ensure that you and your family have the appropriate healthcare coverage for the upcoming year.


Nicole Kehoe

Family Physician

Accepted Insurances

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans:

Anthem MediBlue Plus (HMO)
Anthem MediBlue Prime (HMO)
Anthem MediBlue Dual Advantage (HMO D-SNP)
Anthem MediBlue Dual Plus (HMO D-SNP)

AARP Medicare Advantage
SecureHorizons (HMO-POS)
AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot (HMO-POS)
UnitedHealthcare Chronic Complete (HMO-POS C-SNP)
UnitedHealthcare Chronic Complete Focus (HMO C-SNP)

Humana Gold Plus (HMO)
Humana Gold Plus SNP-DE (HMO D-SNP)
Humana Honor (HMO)

Blue Shield 65 Plus (HMO)

Classic HMO

Wellcare No Premium (HMO)
Wellcare Giveback (HMO)

We accept Medicare part A+B and all Medicare Supplement plans. If you do not see your insurance listed here we can still help, please call our Patient Relations Team (805) 702-8337

(if you have any questions besides Medicare, please call (805) 642-1430).

Our Team

Meet your Patient Relations Specialists! They make switching doctors a breeze. Our Patient Relations team will call your health plan alongside you to make sure there are no hiccups along the way. When you become a patient, they are here to serve YOU, our senior community and be available for insurance based questions throughout the duration of your care. If you have questions about switching doctors, they have a direct line to assist you.

Hayley, Sienna or Jenna: (805) 702-8337