Exercise for the older adult

with Dr. Kyle Vincent

Having an exercise routine can be daunting as we age. The same movements that used to strengthen muscles in our 30’s and 40’s can cause damage and fatigue as we collect more birthdays. However, this is no reason to stop moving your body and reaping all of the benefits from exercise as you age. The benefits of movement for older adults are astronomical and can greatly extend your vitality.

Improved Cognitive Function: As you get higher in age, the risk factors for dementia increase. One of the best ways to delay the onset of dementia is to make sure to incorporate exercising into your routine. According to the National Institute on Aging, exercise stimulates the part of the brain that maintains network connections and strengthens the ability to cerate new ones. In other words, exercise helps with overall memory and brain function.

At Rancho Family Medical Group, we have partnered with CrossFit by Overload to bring you our very own senior modified workout classes, Rancho Family Functional Fitness. Functional Fitness is characterized by a safe and effective lifestyle of exercise and nutrition. It is about living your best life, fully and holistically. We focus on implementing nutrition and exercise to make your overall quality of life better.

Boosted Immune Function: It has been proven that stress can often lower immune function that can lead to higher susceptibility to sickness. Movement and exercise reduce endorphins that reduce stress therefore giving your immune system the boost it needs! As we age, the body does not repair itself as easily, so any immune boost is coveted.

Improved Heart & Lung Health: Regular strength training and aerobic exercise open airways and strengthens the heart. According to the American Heart Association, exercises such as walking for 30 minutes a day lowers your cholesterol and your risk for heart disease.

“My approach to medicine is a very holistic approach. Sometimes it’s medicine, sometimes it’s more of a change in diet, exercise, or lifestyle. My approach is to really make sure that my patients are aware and knowledgable about their own health.” 

- Dr. Kyle Vincent

Any doctor at RFMG would recommend movement to optimize your overall health! Typically, we offer free in person classes for our senior patients at CrossFit by Overload, but we have decided to bring those classes to your living room. We have created a 15 day workout plan specifically designed to keep our seniors healthy while staying safe at home. Visit us at www.youcanchoosehealth.com to jump start your fitness and health now!