Annual Election Period

Open enrollment for Medicare is here and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get all the information you need! Scroll below to learn about what resources we have to make AEP easy!

3 Tips For Annual Open Enrollment

Annual Enrollment is almost here! If you’re new to Medicare, Annual Enrollment is the period of time you’re able to change your Medicare benefits from October 15th – December 7th! While it can feel a little overwhelming, Rancho is here to help! Here’s a few things to keep in mind this AEP season:

  • You do NOT have to change your doctor if you don’t want to, regardless of what you might hear.
  • Medicare benefits change every year, so make sure you’re working with a trusted Medicare broker to talk you through those changes.
  • Always call us if you have questions!
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Medicare 101

Medicare is not a one size fits all, and we want to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the health system.

Rachel Brown is a trusted Medicare Broker with A&B Insurance. She’ll walk us through what Medicare is, how to sign up for Medicare, what’s new for 2023, and so much more! Click the link below to view a series of videos explaining all you need to know about Medicare.


Meet the Doctor Events

At Primary Medical Group, we see the value in finding a doctor with the “best fit” for your individual medical needs. We want our patients to connect with our doctors and get a feel of their approach to medicine before ultimately making the choice to entrust our doctors with your medical care. Click the link below to meet your future doctor!

Meet Dr. Victor Duong

Friday, October 21 at 12pm

Meet Dr. Nicole Kehoe

Friday, October 21 at 12pm

Meet Dr. Matthew Westfall

Friday, October 21 at 12pm

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Alaimo

Friday, November 11 at 12pm

Meet Dr. Mana Lazzarotto

Friday, November 11 at 12pm

Meet Dr. Jacob

Friday, November 11 at 12pm

Who We Are

We are family physicians serving Ventura county with the highest quality of care. We also have Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Endocrinology here at Primary Medical Group. Our goal is to approach medicine differently by offering more cohesive care and education that extends beyond the four walls of the exam room. We do not just make suggestions and write prescriptions, we have taken steps to improve the health of our patients. Our family physicians have developed educational content that empowers their community to make healthy lifestyle changes.  We pride ourselves on going beyond the exam room to make our community healthier and happier.