If you have diabetes, managing your condition is an important part of staying healthy. This includes many daily self-checks and regular exams that should be done throughout the year. 

If you have diabetes, it’s important to take care of yourself every day. This includes checking your blood sugar levels several times a day as directed by your doctor and recording the results, performing regular foot checks and letting your doctor know immediately if there are any changes in the skin or nails, taking diabetes medicines as prescribed even when you feel good, and getting at least 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity. Eating healthy foods is also important for keeping your blood sugar within the target range. Remember to keep your doctor informed about any results or changes so they can provide the best care for you.

Primary Medical Group recommends people with diabetes should get their A1C test every 3 months and visit their doctor every 3 months if they are having trouble meeting their treatment goals. During the visit, their blood pressure, weight and self-care plan will be reviewed as well as any medications they may be taking. They should also have a dental exam at least once a year (or more often if recommended by your doctor) and let the dentist know that you have diabetes. If they are meeting their treatment & blood sugar goals, the A1C test should then be done every 6 months and a doctor’s visit every 6 months to review progress. It is important to ask your doctor to check your feet if you’ve ever had diabetes-related foot problems during each visit.

As someone with diabetes, it is important to stay on top of your healthcare each year. Scheduling a yearly flu shot, kidney tests, cholesterol test and dilated eye exam are all recommended. If you have had any diabetes-related eye problems in the past, you should consider scheduling more frequent eye exams. It is also important to get a hearing check and complete foot check every year – these checks may need to be done more often if you have had diabetes-related foot issues. Taking care of your health is essential for managing your diabetes and reducing any potential risks associated with this condition.

If you have any questions about what to do for diabetes care, our primary care physicians at Primary Medical Group can help. We specialize in senior care identify some of the key factors contributing to your diabetes and our team is available to help you reach your healthcare goals. To get help becoming a patient please contact our Patient Relations Team at (951) 225-6808.  If you need help booking an appointment, please call (951) 225-6808. We look forward to helping you on your healthcare journey.

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