Are you a senior citizen looking for ways to stay healthy and active? The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is an important part of your preventive care plan. During your AWV, your primary care physician (PCP) will assess your health risk factors and develop a personalized prevention plan that’s right for you. 

Your AWV will include a variety of measures and assessments, such as height, weight, and blood pressure. Your doctor may also ask you to complete a health questionnaire that covers everything from health status to behavioral risks. Additionally, your PCP will review your functional ability and level of safety—including screening for hearing impairments and checking your risk of falling. 

Your doctor will also take into account the medical history shared by you or family members, make a list of current providers and medications (prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements), create a written 5–10-year screening schedule or checklist to follow according to your age-appropriate preventive services covered by Medicare, screen for cognitive impairment including Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, and screen for depression. 

Finally, your doctor will provide health advice and referrals to health education and/or preventive counseling services that can help you reduce risk factors and promote wellness. These services could include anything from weight loss programs to smoking cessation classes, nutrition counseling, fall prevention information, or physical activity guidance. 

Your PCP is there to ensure that you have all the resources needed to stay healthy as you age. Make sure to attend your AWV every year—it may just be the key to a healthy future!

If you would like to schedule a Senior Wellness Exam, INSERT DOCTOR at Primary Medical Group can take care of you! To get help becoming a patient please call us at (951) 225-6808. We look forward to helping you on your healthcare journey.

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